All in the Family


… three generations who have tranformed the hard work in the fields into a winning passion.
Today, after more than twenty-four years, the two brothers Antonio and Angelo invest in the identity of their products, supported by Ada’s female intuition and encouraged by the the ambitious, young and brilliant Nicola.


Identities dedicated to the family, a sign of values rare to find today


The current Corbo family originates from the neighbouring municipality of Casalduni and owes its nickname to the fact that the family lived in a land belonging to the Fiore family of that municipality. Over the time, the name “Fiore“, that in italian means flower, trasformed into the current dialectal form “Sciore“.
At the end of 1700 Angelo,the head of the family, with his wife Teresa Corbo moved the family to the Colli area in the municipality of Ponte.
In this period the Corbo family, like most families of the time, dedicated itself to the cultivation of lands, almost always owned by nobles or landowners.
Immediately after the First World War, the head of the family Antonio decided to diversify the family business and with his first two sons, Angelo and Giuseppe, started trading catlle.
At the beginning of the 1930s, Antonio, also with income from this new business, bought the first lands and moved with the family to the “Pietreionne” area.
Always in this period the first son, Angelo, married Maria Concetta Lorenza Ventucci and they had four children: Antonio, Giovanni, Nicola e Consiglia Lucia.
In 1963 Nicola married Rosa Corbo and they moved to the neighbouring locality “Noce d’Apone” where he built his own house and began to buy the first lands, giving rise to the current company.
In the following years, also thanks to his sons Angelo e Antonio , the company, which meanwhile has taken the name “Sciore“, has expanded considerably with the purchase of new lands even outside the municipality.
Nowadays the company has approximately 50 hectares of owned lands. Of these, a small part, about 5 hectares, are cultivated with olive groves; the remaining 45 hectares are cultivated with vineyards mainly with aglianico and falanghina grapes.
In the last years the company is also focusing on old indigenuous grape varieties, almost disappeared. In particular, has been resumed the cultivation of Camaiola, Piedirosso and Coda di Volpe varieties.


…planting of ancient cultivars, in particular Camaiola, Piedirosso and Coda di Volpe

…for unruly canopies, trimmers of new generation.


…we use natural pheromone traps for moths

Nowadays we have thirteen types of wine branded Sciore, single-grape varieties by Campania , with chromatic nuances and symbols that recall the identities of the great Corbo family.